Senior Companion Program (SCP) & Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP)

The Senior Companion Program provides volunteer service opportunities for active low-income seniors that builds self esteem and contributes to their mental and physical well-being.

This program helps the senior volunteer remain a viable, contributing member of the community by providing assistance to "at-risk" elderly who need extra support in order to maintain their independent status and to remain in their homes.

For more information regarding this program, please call Kelsey Halcomb @ 502-695-4290 Ext. 219. If you are interested in becoming a Senior Companion, complete the forms below and mail to Central Office.

  1. Application
  2. Physical Request Authorization
  3. Background Check

SCP is available in the following 10 counties:

  • Anderson
  • Boyle
  • Fayette
  • Franklin
  • Garrard
  • Jessamine
  • Lincoln
  • Mercer
  • Scott
  • Woodford

The Title V - Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) was established to foster and promote useful part-time employment opportunities in community service activities for low-income persons who have poor employment prospects. This program provides training to persons age 55 and older at a host agency to help them become more employable.

The program is designed to accomplish these four objectives:

  1. To promote useful part-time community service training opportunities for economically disadvantaged persons who are 55 years of age or older and who may have poor employment prospects.
  2. To enhance the abilities, skills, and aptitudes of participants to increase their opportunities to obtain mainstream employment offering improved income and benefits.
  3. To conduct projects that promotes career training and the placement of participants into unsubsidized employment.
  4. To change negative attitudes and stereotypes about older workers through education and demonstrated success.

SCSEP participants must be 55 years of age or older, meet federal poverty income guidelines, and be unemployed. Training is designed in the form of assignments to local nonprofit or public agencies (host agencies) for 20 hours per week where participants receive wage based training at the federal minimum wage rate. It is the policy of SCSEP that no person be excluded from participation in this program because of race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap or other developmental disability, national origin, religion, political affiliation, or ethnicity.

Counties Served: Anderson, Fayette, Franklin, Garrard, Lincoln, Mercer, Powell, Woodford